less spillage
less physical strain
more profits

Video by In Beeld Productions
© 2015 by DevanTray

Video by In Beeld Productions © 2015 by DevanTray

The DevanTray

The DevanTray is an innovative new serving tray engineered to reduce your staff`s workload and to improve operating efficiency for your company. This serving tray is their key to more work comfort and enjoyment and therefore customer satisfaction.

Thanks to the ergonomic designed rings with gripping edges, the fingers and palm of the hand can be placed easily against them. Once you pick up the tray, you feel the difference immediately.

Benefits of the DevanTray

  • Less spillage
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Less physical strain and stress
  • Increased stability

  • More secure
  • Easier recruitment
  • Faster training
  • More profits

The DevanTray is ideal for everyday operations as well as crowded conditions and unexpected situations. Sudden moves can be offset by adjusting grip to avoid spillage. It’s designed to increase balance and to provide extra care and support to help the staff adapt to these work environments.

By creating more efficiency on the work floor you can create higher profits. During hard circumstances in difficult situations the DevanTray provides the waitstaff extra care. This tool makes service more efficient and provides a better experience for as well the waitstaff and customer.

Musculoskeletal disorders are a frequent problem in the hospitality business. Therefore, we created a more healthy, more safe and more efficient work environment. 

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About / The Idea

Working with a serving tray can be easier, that is why Jorrit van Keulen and Tim de Vries developed the DevanTray.

“Working in the hospitality business ourselves and listening to bartenders, waitstaff and bar owners brought us to the idea of making an easier, faster and safer tray.”

This all done together with a well established tray factory in Europe.

With Amsterdam as a perfect test location with all its difficult situations and hard circumstances it became clear to us that there was a market for a new and improved tray.  When you work in the hospitality business you need good tools.

Where it all started

Cafe Wester

Our favourite

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Easy to use

Blue Boy

Master of stability


Efficient and ergonomic



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